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Grounding Basics

Is Grounding (Earthing) a new concept?

In a high-tech age, why is the concept of Grounding (Earthing) so important?

Why does the Earth’s electric field transfer so easily to the body?

What is the difference between the Earth’s electric field and the electric field used to conduct electricity in my home? 

How much “current” is actually being transferred from the Earth’s surface via the wire to a grounding product?

Is it OK for me to do Grounding (Earthing) if I take different medications?

Do I have to be concerned about being hit by lightning during a thunderstorm if I am grounded in my home?

Can Grounding (Earthing) protect me from cell phone frequencies? 

Is there danger from using Grounding (Earthing) mats in areas of high EMFs, and that the higher energy may run through our bodies to ground?

What to Expect

I have noticed tingling in my feet for the first few nights I’ve been sleeping grounded. Should I be concerned?

I started sleeping on an Grounding (Earthing) mat and noticed that I feel warmer. What’s going on?

Are there people who sleep Grounded and don’t feel anything, or for whom Grounding doesn’t work?

I just started sleeping Grounded and feel a bit strange. What could that be from?

I have battled with insomnia for a long time. During the first week of Earthing, I slept so much better, but then started tossing and turning again.

Can I wear pajamas when I sleep on an Grounding (Earthing) mat?

Return Policy

Return Policy

Scientific Studies

Electric Nutrition: The Surprising Health and Healing Benefits of Biological Grounding (Earthing).

Earthing: health implications of reconnecting the human body to the Earth's surface electrons.

Electrical Grounding Improves Vagal Tone in Preterm Infants

The effects of grounding (earthing) on inflammation, the immune response, wound healing, and prevention and treatment of chronic inflammatory and autoimmune diseases

Scientific Studies