Natural Creature Grounded Core / Back Therapy Band
Natural Creature Grounded Core / Back Therapy Band

Natural Creature Grounded Core / Back Therapy Band

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Wrap yourself in better health. Perfect for working at a desk, or any other stationary activity such as reading, watching TV or meditating. The Natural Creature Grounded Core / Back Therapy Band localizes the earth’s energy via our patented 100% silver fabric when snugly wrapped around the body’s core. The band localizes the earth’s healing, anti-inflammatory properties directly to the source to relieve back pain, improve digestion, ease symptoms of PMS/ hormone/ reproductive ailments, and more.

The Tour de France uses grounding to expedite healing. Effective for athletes, the Grounded Core / Back Therapy Band speeds recovery after work-outs.   

Scientific research now identifies the gut as the second brain. It's responsible for much of the body's hormone production and approximately 90 percent of the body's serotonin is made in the digestive tract, too. When the gut is inflamed, normal healthy function can be impaired. The Grounded Core /Back Therapy Band is the best way to send a constant flow of earth's healing electrons to this vitally important area of your body.

The Grounded Core / Back Therapy Band is designed and produced by Clint Ober, the originator of and innovator behind the earthing grounding movement.

Important Cleaning Instructions: Machine wash with Arm & Hammer unscented laundry soap on the gentle cycle. Do not use fabric softeners or dryer sheets. Air dry or use gentle air dry dryer setting.

Kit includes: Grounded Core / Back Therapy Band, 15' foot grounding cord, and outlet checker.

Adjustable to fit 28" - 48" waist.